8412 W. 95th St. Overland Park, KS 66212


The Hope Chest Food Pantry

We provide food (and more) to those in need within our community. The guests who visit our pantry are our primary concern. It is our intention to provide a smooth visit for them. This is done best by having a staff that works smoothly through the process a guest follows. The intention of the OPEN VOLUNTEER position is to help teach volunteers about the needs of the guests and of the Hope Chest.

Guests of the Hope Chest come from diverse backgrounds and life situations. Some guests are from our congregation, some are travelers, some have lost jobs, some are elderly, some cannot afford to feed their families, some have special needs … whatever the reason, we nurture them and serve them with the utmost respect, care and hospitality.

OPEN VOLUNTEER: This position is a one time non-commitment position that can be held by any person of any age who feels he or she is called to help those in need. We encourage anyone to volunteer; however, we are not care providers. The OPEN VOLUNTEER may be paired with a current volunteer in one of the positions listed below to be “taught the ropes”. Once the OPEN VOLUNTEER is ready, he/she can be placed on a substitute list (for one or up to all positions). The sub list is for the four listed positions. You can volunteer in these positions as often as you like – just sign up for a convenient date for you!

Greeter: Sits in the lobby and hands out a clipboard with forms to each guest as they enter the church. This person also answers basic questions the guests may have. This position does not require any heavy lifting and is perfect for anyone as long as they have a smile to share.

Form Attendant: As the guests finish filling out the forms on the clipboard, this volunteer checks them over and answers and questions they may have. They also check required identification documents along with making sure forms are filled out properly.

Sacker: Help sack groceries for guests. Guests are given a list of items to mark their choices on the day of their visit. While he/she is shopping for clothing or waiting in line, his/her bags are put together by volunteers.

Clothing Assistant: Help bag clothing items. Guests choose clothing items, toys and books for their children prior to shopping for food. The Clothing Assistant helps the guests find sizes and items, and helps to bag the items (being mindful of any limits at the time).

Shopper: Help the guest choose specialty items. Guests choose from a variety of specialty items (fresh produce, breakfast items, hygiene items, baby items, and food items) that are not on the list of bagged grocery items. The Shopper assists the guests by walking with them and stating what is available and what the limits are (if any) on the items available.

Runner/Carryout: Help guests carryout groceries (using a cart) to vehicle. This position also helps with various other duties that require some physical labor, and can vary day to day. Other than carrying out groceries, common duties may include restocking the pantry shelves, preparing for the next day of guests, checking expiration dates and marking bar codes along with other miscellaneous duties.

Please contact Julie Morgan to coordinate an OPEN VOLUNTEER time for you!
OPEN VOLUNTEER times Mondays 8:45 AM-12:15 PM and Wednesdays 5:45 PM-8:15 PM.